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So, you’ve just woken up. Good morning to you! Wait, you shouldn’t shave yet. Wait for around 30 minutes and while waiting, why not eat your breakfast, read the papers or do some stretching. Since our body accumulates fluid while we sleep making it a little bit puffy (especially around the face) in the mornings, with this you get the Tips on How to Shave with an Electric Shaver.

This could prevent getting a closer shave, so give time for the body to get the puffiness to go down, letting your muscles wake up would help the hairs to stand up even more.

As with any other process, start by checking on all the equipment you will be using. If everything is all set, then you could wash your face to soften your beard. Ideally, use warm to hot water as it tends to open up your pores.

If you do not want to wash your face or take a shower, you could also use a towel that has been soaked in warm water. Optionally you can use a good pre-shave lotion, creams, or oils that prepares and protects your skin when shaving.

Once you have everything set, use your free hand to pull your skin until it is stretched or pulled tight. Doing this will stretch your pores to show as much hair as possible, and will help you get the closest shave that you can get. Using the other hand, shave the areas that need to be shaved.

Shave the sensitive area first while the electric shaver is still cool. Just apply enough pressure and let the shaver do its work, this will help prevent irritation as well. Remember to frequently clean the shaver under running water when using pre-shaving creams, so that the shaver could continuously glide well on your skin.

Once you are done shaving, consider what moisturizing options you have. Remember that the shaving process can easily dry your skin out because of the constant scraping of the blade against your skin. This takes out the natural oils from your skin, which is why your skin feels unusually dry and a little flaky after shaving.

This is especially important if you started with an alcohol-based pre-shave, as this dries up the skin easily. Of course, you should never forget to clean the razor thoroughly.

Some electric shaver lets you lift the head off, which makes it easier to brush whiskers off from the blades. Make sure they are cleaned completely because these can stick through time and could cause some parts to get stuck. Keeping your shaver clean would also help you prolong its life and will keep the blades sharp longer.

To avoid rusting, lubricate the metal parts of the cutter and its foil or head, and let the razor run so that the lubricant can enter the hard-to-reach places. Let it stay there, and don’t wipe it off after you are done.

Additional Tips on How to Shave with an Electric Shaver

How to Shave with an Electric Shaver

Even if you are a seasoned user of electric shavers, there are still a lot of things that you would have to remember in using them. For one thing, different brands and models make a world of difference, so make sure you read the manual first before doing anything.

You can get further tips on getting the best shaves and would prevent any malfunction that is caused by mishandling or improper use. Also, try to shave as often as you can. Unlike manual razors, electric shavers are more effective in cutting off shorter hairs (especially foil shavers) and would usually pull out long hair.

Even if you clean it after every use, set a day for every month or two to thoroughly clean your electric shaver up. Try to get each blade clean, and use an electric shaver cleaner to rinse out any grease or debris that has accumulated over constant use.

Should you start using a rotary shaver, take note of the cutting blades and screens and how they are arranged, because they are actually in matched sets. This would help you when you try taking everything apart when you clean it up, or when you replace any of the parts.

If you notice any bleeding while shaving, this means that you are either putting too much pressure or there may be something wrong with your electric shaver.

Remember that safety is one advantage that the electric shaver has over its manual counterparts; so seeing nicks and cuts often signals a problem. Foil-type shavers wear out faster than rotary shavers, so make sure you check for holes in the foil that could cause poor performance.

If you see any, it is ideal to replace the part right away. If you have any long hair, try clipping them off first before running them through a shaver. Shaver’s tend to pull longer hair instead of cutting them, so that would hurt.

You Have To Manage Your Expectations

If you’ve just bought your first electric shaver and expecting a close shave right out of the box, then you might be disappointed. More likely, your first 3-5 shaves will be mediocre. But that is Okay!

It always takes time, at least a couple of weeks or maybe longer for your beard and skin to adjust to a new shaving method. Stick with your electric shaver for at least 3 weeks and you will see improvements in shaving and most likely it will continue to improve.

Enough is Enough

Don’t put too much pressure when shaving. When you’re cutting or nicking your face using manual razors, then it’s probably because you were pressing too hard. When you’re getting irritation using electric shavers, then it’s probably because you were applying too much pressure.


Lastly, try to shave differently when you use your electric shaver. Today you could shave before you take a shower and the next day shave after you shower. Moreover, try shaving with and without pre-shave lotion, cream, or gel. Feel the difference and stick to what gives you the most convenient and effective shaving.

If you are a first-time user, remember that it takes two to three weeks for your skin to fully adjust to any different shaving method. Use that period to practice and get a hold of using electric shavers until you’ve come up with the best ways to get your face looking neat and clean.

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