How to Choose A Beard Trimmer | Detailed FAQs

You must be interested in purchasing a beard trimmer, that’s why you’ve found yourself on this page. If you are tired of searching for a suitable beard trimmer for maintaining your mustache or your beard, you come to the right place, How to Choose A Beard Trimmer?

Do many people ask what is a beard trimmer? It’s an electronic device used to maintain facial hair (not only facial) at a certain length without complete shaving. Of course, for those who can cope with the problem of maintaining a nice beard, a beard trimmer is a necessary device. 

But if you don’t consider yourself to be one of these guys and shaving is always a tricky process for you, maybe it’s time to choose a beard trimmer.

First of all, let’s take a look at the main features of devices.


Corded / Cordless use

A cordless beard trimmer gives more flexibility because you aren’t tied to a power socket. Also, you can use it where it’s impossible to use a corded one. The other side of the coin is that cordless beard trimmers need a battery for their work, which creates a new problem – a problem of choosing a beard trimmer with a long-life battery.

Price / Quality

To find the best beard trimmer, the balance between price and quality must be kept. For sure, it doesn’t mean that cheaper beard trimmers are the worst in quality – among them can be found excellent products. But you should take into account that more expensive beard trimmers probably are produced better and they must be more comfortable in use.

Design and Ergonomics

It may be not the most important feature but if you choose a beard trimmer for a long-term period, it must be comfortable to use. Some models are made of different materials (steel, plastic) and have a personal design.


Blades must be precise and serve as long as possible. But other factors should be considered – beard length and beard density.

When is it OK to use a beard trimmer? In other words, when is it better to use a beard trimmer instead of a shaver, for example. The key is in the flexible adjustment of the trimmer length – all you need to do is set an appropriate length and the gadget handles the rest; it will not over-trim.

Which model of a Beard Trimmer to choose from?

beard trimmer

While searching for a good model, you probably have been amazed by the huge variety of models that are offered by numerous different shops. There are a lot of models of beard trimmers: some of them are corded, others use a rechargeable battery, some are for wet trimming, which allows using beard trimmers while in the shower, and others for dry trimming. Few models are made for mustache and beard trimming few can be used for cutting hair anywhere on the body. It’s very simple to be confused in choosing the right beard trimmer and this site will help you to find the one that is suitable for you in all respects.

This website is aimed to solve all these and other problems related to beard trimmers. Here you will find detailed model reviews, some interesting tips, and advice.

Beard Trimmer FAQ

A beard trimmer is this special tool designed to make it easier for you to keep your beard or mustache trimmed. It is hard to explain why some men like to sport a mustache or a beard.

It is probably because it makes them feel like a man or it boosts their masculinity or probably because it is part of their culture. Nevertheless, if you are a man with a beard, you know that you have the responsibility to keep it groomed. Failing to keep your beard groomed will surely affect your appearance. 

There is no denying that the majority of people today do not find beards pleasant to look at. Some people find it distracting and disturbing. Moreover, some people associate it with poor hygiene. 

Nevertheless, if you are one of those individuals who cannot seem to live without their beard, then you must have a beard trimmer in your bathroom.

A beard trimmer is a perfect tool to use whenever you need to tame your unruly beard. If you have had beard trimmers then you are well aware of how it works. For you it is simple, it cuts and trims your beard. Although this is true, there are things that you can do to maximize the benefits of your bread trimmer. Yes, certain techniques allow you to do more than just cut and trim. 

However, before we get into the details you should orient or re-orient yourself with the safety precautions first. This is important because beard trimmers are not toys that you can play with. In addition to that, if you have an electric beard trimmer, the need for caution multiplies.

Now, here are some common safety precautions when it comes to using a beard trimmer.

1. When using electric beard trimmers do not forget to unplug them the moment you are done. This will completely shut the unit off and prevent accidents.

2. In terms of storing your beard trimmer is important that you store it away from any water sources especially if it is run by electricity. Water can cause short circuits, which increases the risk of fire.

3. You have to understand that these beard trimmers are not designed to be used while bathing and showering. Therefore, you must see to it that you use your beard trimmer only after you are done bathing and showering.

4. In cases where you, unfortunately, drop your beard trimmer unto the sink, do not attempt to grab it because you will risk electrocuting yourself.

5. Always check your beard trimmer for integrity. If you notice any defects like a damaged cord or plug, do not use it and have it replaced instead.

All in all, what is important when using your beard trimmer is to make sure that it is out of the water, intact, and working properly.

That you are familiar with the safety precautions it is now time to talk about the techniques for trimming your beard. A beard trimmer can do more than just trim if you know how to work with it. 

The Following Are Some Tips That Will Help You Enjoy Your Beard Trimmer More

1. Before you attempt to cut your beard or mustache it is best that you go through a warm shower first. While you are in the shower, do not forget to wash your beard with shampoo. Warm water from the shower paired with shampoo can effectively loosen and soften the strands of your beard that will make it easier for you to trim.

2. After showering, dry your beard completely. Once it is completely dry, comb it according to the direction it is growing. This will stretch out the hairs to their maximum length while facing one direction at the same time.

3. Once you are done prepping your beard, it is now time to decide how long or how short you want your beard to be. A hint of advice though, if it is your first time using beard trimmers, it is best that you use the longer-length attachment to prevent accidents and mistakes.

4. If you want to trim off your beard completely, you begin trimming beneath your chin and move along the contours of your jawline towards your ear. Then you can work on your upper beard line as well. Continue doing this slowly and move the beard trimmer in a U fashion as you finish the job.

A beard trimmer can come in handy especially when you need to clean up. Therefore, if you are the kind of man who sports a beard either because you have to or because you like it, make sure that you have a beard trimmer with you.

Best Beard Trimmer For Your Needs

If you decided to purchase a beard trimmer, you would face a problem choosing the best beard trimmer. In this article the main features which are worth attention will be analyzed. Hope it will help to choose the best beard trimmer for your needs. Enough said, let’s proceed to consider these factors.


In today’s market, the vast majority of beard trimmers manufacturers offer a broad range of models with a different set of blades. For example, almost every other brand of beard trimmer model is equipped with self-sharpening cutting blades. Other brands boast stainless steel lubricated blades for more durability. Everyone can find what he wants.

Flexible adjustment

The great range of length settings from 4 up to 15 settings enables to keep the beard at any length. Most of the trimmers offer extremely high precision technology with a 0.5 mm incremental setting, it’s impossible to over-trim your facial hair.

Battery Presence

Battery presence is useful for those, who spend much time traveling and have no access to a power supply. But you must think about the device with a good battery to provide you with reliable trimming for several hours without recharging. 

How often you will use it?

The next thing you ought to consider is how often you will use the beard trimmer. If the device will be used almost every day you need to care about the maintenance. Probably, the titanium-coated Precision Power Beard and Hair Clipper will be the best beard trimmer for you because you can rely on its durability.

Design and ergonomics

If the appearance of the device is quite an important feature for you, it’s a good idea to think about this moment. For sure it’s a big pleasure to be satisfied not only by the incredible trimming capabilities but by the design and comfortableness of the device. Almost every model has its unique design.

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