Foil Shavers vs Rotary Shavers: A Comparison of the Two

A Comparison of Foil Shavers vs Rotary Shavers: Shaving is one grooming ritual that almost every man takes seriously and is something that takes a lot of time and effort to get the best results. Especially when you use manual razors, the mere process of avoiding nicks and cuts can make shaving very tedious.

This is exactly why electric razors were developed. 

Since shaving is a regular part of any guy’s routine, electric razors made shaving easier and a lot more convenient to do. It does not require the same amount of time needed in using a manual razor, nor does it need to use shaving brushes and other lubricating agents such as shaving gel, cream, soap, and foam. But they could be optional as well.

Types of Electric Shavers

There are two types of electric shavers based on the system they use in cutting off hair.

Foil shavers consist of a series of blades underneath a rectangular metal foil. The foil was designed to tug on the hair and pull them towards the blades inside.

Rotary shavers commonly involve three-round cutting heads set in a triangular pattern. These cutting heads each have an outer guard that has slots or round holes, with rotating blades underneath to cut off the hair.

The Difference between Foil Shavers Vs Rotary Shavers

Both shavers each have their strengths and weaknesses. A rotary shaver is perfect for guys that have very defined jawlines with hard-to-reach corners and crevices because the triangular design of the cutting heads enables you to cut hair in corners making it great to maneuver that a foil shaver would not be able to effectively clean. 

Rotary Shaver is also easier to use and is a lot quieter compared to the foil shaver, which some emit a loud buzzing sound. Most rotary shavers also use less energy, which means that battery-powered rotary shavers have a longer battery life compared to foil shavers in most cases.

Foil Shavers Rotary Shavers

Foil shavers, however, cut the hair closer to the skin, which can result in a cleaner shave. Especially for those who have fairly smooth faces, the foil shaver can give you a more even shave and would make you less likely to miss any spot, especially in flat areas such as the chin and neck but could make the cheeks a bit rougher compared to rotary shaver.

Foil Shavers vs Rotary Shavers | Which is Better?

The choice between foil shavers and rotary shavers depends on your preferences. Some people even keep both kinds handy, just because they both produce different results and can be used in different cases. 

For example, you could get a better shave from a rotary shaver, especially those tough-to-reach areas such as the jawline and the neck. 

As mentioned earlier, rotary blades can reach areas that foil razors will not be able to reach. For flat areas, however, a foil razor is the best option because the surface is smoother and it does give you a closer shave.

Making the Switch

Regardless of whether you choose a foil shaver or a rotary shaver, electric shavers have their advantages over manual razors. So deciding to switch from using a manual to electric shavers will not be a big surprise, as many others have made the same decision before. 

Just make sure that before fully making the switch, give it around two or three weeks for you to practice using an electric razor, going slowly and surely to let your skin get used to the new method. It is best to soften skin and hair before shaving which is by taking a warm shower or by placing a wet warm towel over the area to be shaved. This way, the hair will not be stressed by the sudden change in method, and your skin will not be irritated easily by the change. 

Make sure you shave the more sensitive areas first because the shaver heats up as you use it, which may cause skin irritation especially in areas with thin skin. As long as you stay cautious when you first make the switch, the transition should be going smoothly and you should have the process mastered in no time, with your skin responding well to it.

Other Shaving Tips

There are a few more things that you need to remember to create that perfect shave. Using a rotary shaver works better if you work against the direction to where the hair grows with a circular motion, and you can use your free hand to stretch the skin until it is pulled tight. 

Always be sensitive enough to know if the blades are still sharp enough or not. Using dull blades can cause more irritation and ingrown hair, can scrape off the skin’s natural oils, and would eventually cause your skin to dry out. Use a good toner and moisturizer after shaving to maintain your skin, because shaving can cause stress that could make your skin look flaky. 

You could also look for good pre-shave oil, foam, creams, or gel that you can use in case you have sensitive skin. In case it is your first time using an electric shaver, don’t panic if you experience some minor skin irritation. Some skin types will not entertain the switch between different shaving methods as easily, but this does not mean that the shaving method you’re switching to will not work for you. 

If anything, seeing some irritation means that you should try to continue with the method you shifted to for a couple more weeks to give your skin time to adjust. Shifting from one method to another can be very unhealthy to your skin, and will not only dry your skin up more quickly but will also make your hair coarser and harder to cut the next time you shave. Find the perfect method that works for you and gives you the outcome that you want, and stick to that method to keep your skin healthy and clean. 

Lastly, make sure to read the manuals properly before using any electric shaver.

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